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Limited Companies

when you runing business as a limited company. we will provide access to a number of tax planning strategies and limited liability status
Limited Companies


Limited companies are mostly perceived to have less privacy because limited companies own many directors and shareholders. Each and every details of business is openly share for public. Apart from this, a company is a distinct entity which means if it is going to loss, the shareholders are not only responsible to repay. However, there are some perks of limited companies including It is a separate entity so in case of loss you don’t have to use personal assets.

Company assets are responsible of paying all debts. As well as for investors and shareholders limited companies seems more secure as compare to partnerships and Limited companies look more professional.

Moreover, there are some flaws too in limited companies such As limited companies seems professional so you have to suffer higher cost in making accounts and bookkeeping. Also, everything is open for public in limited companies and you have to audit your accounts.

We try to make things transparent for our clients by providing maximum information. If you are looking for Limited Company Accountants then please feel free to contact us on 02089497444 or email us on info@1staccountants.co.uk.