Sole Traders

Self-employment is the point for entrepreneurs to kick off their true abilities. 1stAccountants is ready to guide you to the practical approach of your dream.

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Sole traders are like a lone wolf, they don’t usually rely on the pack and travel alone comprehending their own self. Well, you can be a solopreneur, but still, need some guidance. However, you can be an expert in various fields yet lack the ability to deal with financial matters. It is a fact that many of us struggle with numbers. Calculations never come easy to us. Therefore, 1stAccountants is eagerly helping those individuals reach their goals.

Let us help you with VAT registration along with a monthly track record of your finances. If you are self-employed you would need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return, which we can complete and file online or in paper form. You would probably need to pay Income tax you owe for a tax year in two installments i.e. January and July plus a final balancing payment.

So, contact us as soon as possible and let us be your eyes and ears as far as taxation is concerned.