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VAT Returns

If you are going to start new business or have existing business setup 1st accountants can help you about VAT responsibilities
VAT Returns


People who are new to business are mostly confused as they should go for a VAT registration or not. 1st accountants consult you from their experienced accountants whether you should go for a VAT or not.

We will scan your business position and deal all sort of accountancy queries. We will look for VAT rules you are eligible for. Also, 1staccountants helps in preparing VAT return and bookkeeping. We will try our best to provide you as much return as we can.

In other areas of tax, we act an agent of your VAT and provide information to HRMC on your behalf. We have special accountant’s teams that calculate VAT precisely as doing paper work is too scarce now.

Also, late VAT calculations can increase your cost and this will result into less profit and there is a chance that HRMC may charge interest on it. So giving this job to 1st accountant helps to relieve you from burden and tensions as well as avoid to wasting your money into interest and penalties.