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We are expert in Payroll Management we can guide you through the Payroll processes, costs, calculations and deadlines- or take care of everything for you!


While hiring an employee there are many regulations as you have to meet your commitments at any cost. Also you have to share your employee’s record with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as now they have introduced RTI (real time information).

With RTI (real time information) you can share your employee’s information with HRMC before paying them salaries. 1st accountant is equipped with latest HRMC approved software’s that monitors your all employees’ information.

Moreover, we will calculate your employees’ salaries, net income and report this data to HRMC. Later, you will be provided by slips and receipts which you can pass on to your employees.

We help you to detect their holiday entitlement and on your behalf we will fill starters and leavers form. Also because of strict regulations, employer with late payment or deduction could lead you to heavy compensation. We will help to assist you regarding this issue. So less cost will incur.

We can also relieve you by preparing your expenses and benefits form as it is quite tricky task to know where to report. As employers has many other responsibilities so we try to share your burden by assisting you in cost, calculations and deadlines.