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According to us, a majority of the factors that are essential to growth in business. Are, at a minimum, easy. In order to facilitate better business decisions. 1st Accountants adopt an approach that is more practical. Making use of good judgement and clear solutions to help businesses grow. Our focus on providing efficient solutions. Clarity on strategic issues only helps in business but also makes sense. It helps us be better placed to keep our customers more and more informed. What we are adding each day is business-related knowledge.

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1St Accountants are accounting financial, strategic, and financial business planners with experience in multi-sector. That operate throughout both the West Midlands and the North West with offices within Warwickshire, Staffordshire, and Cheshire. Our journey began more than twenty years ago in Stoke-on-Trent. With the twin goal of providing high-quality accounting services and an authentic and agile business-oriented approach. The Group continues to grow under the joint direction of Managing Director Scott Dunning and Group Chairman Daniel Dunning-Cole. Our employees remain committed to our ethos of founding by combining financial. Accounting services with the same kind of business focus and strategic clarity that continues to draw in and strengthen expansive SME and blue-chip clients.

What exactly makes 1st Accountant different?

The majority of accountants are able to do the figures. But they’re not able to implement the business plan. At 1st accountants, we have the ability to offer clear business, and accounting advice makes us stand out. We’re professional and refreshingly non-corporate. This means we’ll not confuse. You with accounting jargon and confuse you by using unneeded spreadsheet. We have confidence in that successful accounting. A successful business plan are two aspects of one coin. The vast experience and industry knowledge that we can bring makes us unique. In a position to offer business solutions that boost business growth.

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Contact us, and we'll schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and address any concerns.



We'll get in touch with your current Accountant, ensuring that the transfer is smooth. We'll reach out to all the relevant organizations to ensure that compliance is met.



Now you can be a 1st Accountants client! We'll provide ongoing expert support for your company. It is better to hire an accountant who has business acumen. At 1st accountants, we're more than accountants. We're also business people who know how businesses work and have the knowledge of how to help them run more profitably. When we use numbers, rather than simply reporting them, we can add value that can help your business grow faster. Our experience and expertise help businesses to expand.

Where Your Dreams Are Built

The daily responsibilities will differ depending on the kind of accounting you choose to focus on. For instance:

Public practice accountants help businesses in managing their finances. They are usually employed as professional services. Accountancy firms and enjoy the flexibility in working alongside. A diverse array of clients.

Common accounting skills​

Certain of the skills for employ ability that are required in this industry is the capacity to speak. Work with others, paying the ability to pay attention to details, and process and analyse figures. Additionally, you require problem-solving, administrative, management, and IT skill. Also, of course, flexibility, awareness of the market, and honesty. These skills will assist you in your journey.

Day Today

Typically, an accountant works in the office during working hours. But there may be night or weekend hours required to meet deadlines or at high-volume times. Like tax return or year-end season. It is possible to work longer hours. When you are preparing for the exams for your professional certification. Studying being a part of your daily job.The typical working day for 1st Accountants

Our Quality Services is Proven.

The task of the coordinator is to coordinate the activities of a team comprised of trainer. Qualified accountants reporting on their US owner, solving accounting problems, and analysing. Financial act to classify areas of improvement and expose the risk to financials.’ 1st accountants highlights how different the work environment can be, based on the kind of business. You are in. She recommends prospective accountants to be aware of these:  Consider the kind of company you’d prefer to join in the near future since each sector is unique. You’ll quickly develop industry-specific capabilities that will enable you to be a specialist in the field you’ve chosen.’


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Why we should select an accountant firm?

  1. If you have an owner of a small and large organization, an accounting firm can help you to manage your tax details, payable and receivable details, monthly reports, bookkeeping, tax refund, and all secure details about your account.

I’ve do some mistakes in my tax return what should I do for correctness?

  1. Firstly don’t be panic in that situation, and point out what kind of mistake you do. It’s a calculation mistake, incomplete information, or may some wrong information.
  2. If you forget to include a certain type of information, IRS will contact you for the specific type of information.
  3. If you made a mistake in calculation, IRS may not process your tax information and request to send again the information.

What do I do assuming I can't pay the tax that I owe?

  1. Most importantly, keep even-tempered. In the event that you can't pay everything due, you should in any case document your return and pay what you can buy your cutoff time to stay away from interest and punishments. Then, at that point, you should contact the IRS to examine installment choices. Now and again, the IRS can offer a transient augmentation to pay, an installment establishment understanding, or postpone your punishments.

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